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These days, most Rails applications that are advanced utilize AWS to some extent. From hosting files on AWS S3 to running containerized applications with plenty of services involved.

Are you willing to become a top-paid Ruby engineer? Knowledge about AWS is among the most desired skills that a Rails developer can have. This book is the key to this knowledge. The lack of experience in cloud technologies is costly, but I learned the most important lessons so you don't have to do it on your own.


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“I'm enjoying Rails on AWS because it walks me through every single step needed to make an application built with Ruby on Rails deployable on that cloud platform. It covers the basics of popular services like EC2, S3, and RDS, but also introduces fundamentals of more advanced services like Lambda, CloudWatch, and Cognito.”

Will R.
Senior Software Engineer

“I bought the book for my young engineer. He started working with me few months ago and he was not comfortable with AWS and infrastructure as well. He enjoyed it.”

William M.
Tech lead

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Among tens of AWS services, I selected the most important and popular ones. With this wide range of technologies, you can build Rails applications in the cloud that serve millions of users.

I. Simple Storage Service (S3)
Learn how to securely store and share the application's files with authenticated users.
II. CloudFront
Benefit from using Content Delivery Network and provide the best performance for your users worldwide.
III. AWS Transfer Family
Old-school FTP but with a modern API-driven approach and integration with AWS s3 for cheap storage.
IV. Lambda
The most well-known serverless service that you can use with Ruby to write small cloud functions.
V. EC2 instances
Run Rails application on an old-school virtual server and quickly deploy changes in minutes.
VI. Relational Database Service (RDS)
Host your database with advanced features like read-replicas, high availability, and disaster recovery.
VII. DynamoDB
NoSQL database that is fast as lightning to provide additional features for your Rails application.
VIII. ElastiCache
Your Redis instance in the cloud that you can quickly scale and modify in real-time.
IX. Simple Email Service (SES)
Send e-mails from your Rails application using a standard SMTP server or API-driven approach.
X. Parameter Store
Secure storage for environment variables used in your containerized Rails application.
XI. Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
Store your Docker images and easily use them in the CI/CD pipeline for your Rails application.
XII. Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Kubernetes alternative for running Rails application with containers in the cloud.
XIII. CloudWatch
Collect and analyze logs and set the automation for other services based on various events.
XIV. Cognito
Cloud alternative for Devise that reduces the implementation time and increases the security and flexibility.
XV. Route 53
Manage DNS settings for your domain without waiting hours for changes to appear on the internet.
XVI. Open Search
Run Open Search or Elastic Search instance in the cloud and benefit from more than just a search engine.
XVII. Transcribe
Transcribe video and audio files into text within seconds and with support for multiple languages.

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No. It was entirely written by a human Rails veteran with 14 years of experience in this technology.
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Yes. Click on the buy button to see the price for the book based on your location.
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Currently, it's PDF and EPUB. Future editions will also include the Mobi format.
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No. The book includes pricing explanations, good practices, comparisons, and code examples of real infrastructures that you can adapt to your Rails application.
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Absolutely! The book's first chapters will introduce you to the topic of AWS cloud and help you set up a new account.
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Yes. The book also covers advanced topics.

About the author

  • Paweł Dąbrowski

    Paweł Dąbrowski

    CTO / Software Engineer

    Paweł is a Ruby engineer with over 15 years of experience building web applications and working in various roles — currently, CTO at iRonin - Software House and 4 x AWS Certified. He is passionate about the constant learning process and sharing his knowledge with other developers.

  • He was the leading architect behind the ticketing system for the Golden Globes this year and Head of Integrations at, the world's leading employee referrals platform. He also designed the architecture behind the teledata washing system for the largest Danish company, acquiring people to support organizations charitably. In each of these projects, he extensively used AWS.

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